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Stellar Smiles

Your Galactic Dental Journey Starts Here

Children’s dentistry focused on fueling healthy habits and sparking excitement for your smile journey.
Our experienced team and high-tech dental command center ensures mission success.


Our Team Shoots for the Stars

When it’s time to schedule your young one’s first dentist visit,
or when you’re looking to transfer your child or teen from another
practice, you want to entrust your child’s oral care to a team that
can monitor their oral health throughout their childhood until they’re
ready to move out of pediatrics.

At Starship M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, our Anaheim
dental and orthodontic team strive to retain our patients through exceptional
service and a commitment to providing a safe and engaging space for growth.
Going to the dentist can be fun for your kids, thanks to our space-themed
office and various “missions” our patients can complete for
rewards. Your young one will be practicing healthy oral habits on their
own in no time.

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is seamless at our office because
once they are of age, they can continue their dental care at M Dental
Group. You won’t need to worry about gathering any information or
documents you need to carry over to a brand-new practice. At Starship
M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, patient convenience is
our priority.

Our Trusted Services

Our doctors have graduated from some of the top dental schools, and have
the training needed to perform a variety of services our young patients
may need as children and teenagers. Our teams receive extra training to
ensure we provide quality service to our patients, and continue to grow
in their knowledge to improve treatment experience. Our relentless efforts
for better dental care experience allow us to treat many different oral
issues and help as many patients as we can.

Contact our Anaheim dental and orthodontic team
online or by phone today at
(714) 533-0303 to schedule an appointment for a first visit, teeth cleaning, braces, and more.

Dental Heroes

Why We’re the Right Crew for Your Family

  • Highly Experienced Dental Commanders & Crew
  • Cutting Edge Equipment to Stay Ship Shape
  • Rewards & Promotions Are Earned When Completing Dental Missions
  • Services Available in English, Korean & Spanish

What Sets Us Apart

The moment you step aboard our ship, you’ll see that this is no ordinary
dentist’s office. We create an engaging atmosphere through our augmented
services. Our waiting room, for example, is our control bridge, and our
X-ray room is for our trusted engineers. Our patients don’t come
in for cleanings or sealants – they arrive to take part in a mission.
Each time a patient completes a mission, they will receive rewards, such
as advancements, that allow them to rise in the ranks. With an objective
to become a captain, it’s not uncommon for our patients to be excited
for their next visit. By creating an interplanetary adventure for every
patient, we hope to encourage bravery and a desire to learn in the children we treat.

Affordable Options for Your Convenience

We understand more than anyone that providing for a bright and healthy
future for your children’s health is an investment. We’re
pleased to offer payment plans and various promotional offers throughout
the year, and our staff is flexible with scheduling your next appointments
so we can accommodate you. We accept all major credit cards, as well as
Care Credit, and we can schedule monthly payments if that’s the
option you prefer. We also offer our services in English, Spanish, and
Korean so you can communicate in the language you’re most comfortable in.

Come on board with our crew today – your galactic journey awaits!

Our team is certified and highly skilled to provide superior services
you can rely on. Call us at (714) 533-0303 to schedule an appointment.

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