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Effective Solutions for Stellar Smiles

When the teeth or jaws are not properly aligned, orthodontic treatment
may be needed to correct the position of the teeth to improve the aesthetics
and function.
StarshipM Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics offers a variety of
orthodontic treatments and several options for braces in Anaheim to provide the ideal solution
for every patient. We’re committed to our mission to create smiles
our patients can feel over the moon about.

American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children to receive
their first orthodontic evaluation by age seven. If a child shows signs
of moderate or severe orthodontic problems and waiting is not recommended,
early interceptive treatment is recommended at a young age. Early consultation
helps identify urgent dental concerns that may worsen and be more difficult
to correct later (and sometimes become uncorrectable), if left untreated.

Between the ages of eleven and seventeen, all baby teeth should have already
fallen out. During adolescence, the jaw goes through rapid growth and
it is advantageous to start treatment as the patient’s jaw growth
can be utilized and even modified for improved results.

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  • Guide normal growth of the jaws
  • Correct harmful oral habits
  • Improved ability to chew
  • Easier brushing and flossing
  • Speech improvement (pronunciation improvement)
  • Guide placement of permanent teeth into healthy positions
  • Reduce risk of cavities and periodontal disease
  • Reduce risk of injury from protruding teeth
  • Reduce grinding and chipping of teeth
  • Improve appearance
  • Types of Braces

    Every individual have different oral conditions and needs, and some appliances
    may be more effective than another. There are various options for orthodontic
    treatments besides the type of braces as well. At M Dental Group, our
    doctors will recommend the best treatment options for you based on your
    needs and goals.

    Retainers after Orthodontic treatment

    Once orthodontic treatment is completed or near completion, retainers will
    be recommended for your child. Retainers stabilize your bones and teeth
    in new position, making sure that the realignment of your teeth and bite
    do not change. Without retainers, the teeth will shift, losing the results
    from the orthodontic treatment. Retainers are generally a separate program
    from the orthodontic treatment.

    There are two general kinds of retainers, removable and fixed (permanent).
    For removable retainers, there are various options from traditional retainers
    (ex. Hawley retainers) to clear retainers (ex. Vivera). Depending on the
    orthodontic correction during the treatment, our doctors will give you
    best suited retainer options for your child.

    Schedule an Evaluation for Your Child

    We recommend braces and other orthodontic treatments based on specific
    conditions and the individual needs of each patient. The best place to
    start is with an evaluation and consultation. We will perform a thorough
    examination of your child’s teeth and jaws to determine if there
    is a problem that can be corrected with braces.

    Certain conditions can get worse over time, so having an evaluation as
    soon as you notice there is a problem is helpful for correcting problems
    when they are easier to treat. We provide treatment for children and teens
    with a strong focus on achieving the best possible results for each patient.

    Please contact our Anaheim orthodontists at (714) 970-4560 to schedule an evaluation.

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