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What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect from Our Anaheim Team

High-Quality Dental & Orthodontic Services Known Across the Galaxy

Many kids, teens, and even adults arrive to their dental appointments already
uncomfortable and filled with anxiety. At
Starship M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, our Anaheim team goes to infinity and beyond to provide a fun and engaging
learning environment for our young patients. From the moment you enter
our office, you and your children will feel as if you were transported
to another galaxy while aboard our spaceship. We strive to put your kids
at ease while we perform our high-quality
dental and
orthodontic services, from
regular teeth cleanings to
root canals and
orthodontic treatments. When you join our space crew, your children can expect to be treated
with a new and exciting experience with each scheduled appointment.

Contact us
online or by phone at
(714) 970-4560 to schedule an appointment today. We speak English, Spanish, and Korean
and offers various

Trust Our Strict Staff Policy

At our office, our staff is trained consistently and remains updated on
policy and industry changes to preserve the high quality of our patient
experience. Our team demands only the best because your children and teens
deserve the best. We believe mutual trust sets a strong foundation for
our dentist-patient relationships, and we’d like to keep you as
a part of our crew for years to come.

A Fun Learning Environment

Skateboarding robotOur team doesn’t just provide dental services. Along with improving
the dental health of your children and teens, we also want to promote
your kids’ developmental skills. Our augmented services, which create
a space-themed experience, are designed to make children feel brave and
recognize dentist visits as accomplishments. Patients are promoted and
rewarded after each treatment, or mission, they complete. By seeing dental
care as a series of achievements, they can also feel encouraged to practice
healthy oral habits at home. The more missions our patients complete,
the more promotions they can receive, and they’ll be able to rise
in rank from shipman to captain.

When you visit our office, your kids will forget they’re here for
dental services. Our waiting room is the control bridge, and our X-ray
room is the engineering room. We also have a game room to occupy your
kids while waiting.

HeroSedation as a Safer Option

Sometimes very young or highly anxious children need a little extra help
to relax. That’s why we offer
sedation options to keep you at ease. There are many safe and effective sedation methods,
such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and deep sedation with licensed anesthesiologist.

We provide dental care with a conservative approach to sedation. It’s important
to note that sedation does not control pain, and our dentist may give
your child injections(s) to keep them pain-free during and after the procedure.
Our dentist would provide appropriate sedation and injection only when
needed, and help you choose best option for your child.

Seamless Transition into Adulthood

Sometimes it can be stressful to find a new dentist after your child comes
of age, but when you join Starship M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics,
the transition is seamless. When patients outgrow kids’ dentistry,
they can be transferred to
M Dental Group with efficiency. Ensuring a safe and positive experience for all patients
is our main priority.

Join our space crew today. Call our Anaheim dental team at
(714) 970-4560 to get started on a plan for your child’s future health and make going to the dentist a fun experience.

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Why We’re the Right Crew for Your Family

  • Highly Experienced Dental Commanders & Crew
  • Cutting Edge Equipment to Stay Ship Shape
  • Rewards & Promotions Are Earned When Completing Dental Missions
  • Services Available in English, Korean & Spanish


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