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First Visit

First Visit

Your First Visit to Our Anaheim Office

RobotSetting Your Child on a Mission Toward Success

Your child’s first visit is a dental well-care visit, allowing parents
opportunity to ask questions in caring of your child’s dental health
and development. At
Starship M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, our Anaheim team strives to create a safe, exciting, and fun environment
for your child to enjoy. Our space-themed office and services will ensure
to put them at ease.

How Do I Schedule My Child’s First Visit?

For proper oral preventive care and monitoring, we recommend scheduling
a check-up every 6 months. Based on your child’s individual oral health needs, however, our
pediatric dentist will tell you when and how often to visit us. If your
child has been seen by a previous dentist, please let our staff know prior
to your appointment so we can determine if this is a second opinion visit
and if x-rays will be needed. If it’s determined that x-rays are required,
we ask that you please bring them with you to your first appointment (if
you have them). If you have any other additional questions, don’t hesitate
to reach out to our office online or by phone – we’ll be happy to assist you!

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Give us a call today at
(714) 970-4560 to schedule your first appointment and learn more about our offers and
promotions. We’re pleased to offer our services in English, Korean,
and Spanish for your convenience.

AstronautWhen to Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Parents should take their children to the dentist for their first visit
no later than their first birthday.
Between the ages of 6-8 months, a baby will generally get his/her first tooth. That’s why it’s important to start practicing healthy habits earlier rather
than later so you can prevent or reduce tooth decay .

In fact, studies show parents who brought their child to the dentist by
their first birthday spend less money on dental care than parents who
delayed their child’s dental visit.

While many people understand that caring for your teeth is crucial, many
underestimate the importance of dental checkups on primary teeth, or “baby
teeth.” Primary teeth are important for your child’s healthier
happier smile. They help with eating, affect speech development, guide
permanent teeth alignment, and improve jaw bones and muscle development.

Walking You Through Your First Visit

Your first visit typically involves little treatment, as it’s an
opportunity for you to meet our dental team and conduct an initial exam.
During the initial exam, our dentist will check your child’s teeth
for decay, assess their bite, and determine if they have any oral, gums,
or jaw issues. Our team will then educate you, the parent, on the basics
of oral health care so you fully understand how to help your children
achieve healthy gums and smiles.

Oral care basics we may discuss with you include:

  • Teething
  • Developmental milestones
  • Needs for fluoride
  • How to prevent cavities
  • Any oral habits, such as thumb sucking, that may impact your child’s
  • Proper nutrition

After your one-on-one with your dentist, our team will then schedule you
for your next appointment. We offer a variety of options, including language
services and payment plans, and are flexible so we can cater to your busy schedule.

XraysX-Rays for Children

There is no hard rule when it comes to starting a child’s first dental
X-ray. Every situation is unique; for instance, your child may require
X-rays they’re at higher risk for developing dental problems. X-rays
are necessary for our dentist to make sure all your children’s teeth
are growing properly and are healthy. Dental X-rays can show conditions
of your child’s oral health that are not visible during a routine checkup.

Dental X-rays requires very low levels of radiation exposure, and is considered
safe for children and adults. Your child will be covered with heavy lead
apron to protect further from radiation. Moreover, M Dental Group uses
advanced digital X-rays instead of film developed X-rays, making risks
of radiation exposure even lower.

If your child has taken X-ray recently at another dental office or have
concerns, call our office prior to your visit. Our staff will happily
assist you.

Start investing in your child’s dental health today. Our team will
shoot for the moon when it comes to providing superior quality services
for our young patients.

Contact us
online or call
(714) 970-4560 to learn more.

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