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About us

About us


At Starship M, our
team values supportive and caring dentist and a dedicated dental team. At the
same time, we know that a child’s
dental care goes beyond the clinic walls. We understand parent’s challenges
at home to help their child grow healthy oral care habits. This is why
we value a
dentist experience that could motivate young patient’s everyday oral-care habits, and
positively influence perception on dentist throughout their life.

Our office is designed with spaceship themed interiors and services to
help your child imagine the dental visit as a role-play game, and to help
feel brave. Our doctors have graduated from some of the top dental schools,
and our team receive extra training to ensure we provide consistent quality
service to our patients. Our office is equip with latest technologies
to help your child feel safer and more comfortable during the treatment.
You child’s dental visit can turn into a space exploration missions
at Starship M, and let our theme carry into your home to help motivate
your child for oral care.

Starship M is brought to you by M Dental Group, a 8 years consecutive award
winning dental office (2011 ~ 2019, Talk of the Town, Orange County).
The children’s dentistry was designed as many families at the M
Dental expressed growing needs on quality children’s oral care and
help with challenges for their children’s dental care at home.

Give us a call today at
(714) 970-4560 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our offers and promotions.
We’re pleased to offer our services in English, Korean, and Spanish
for your convenience.

  • Invisalign Provider
  • 2019 Talk M Dental Group
  • 2019 Talk Emblem
  • 2018 Talk Award
  • 2018 Talk – 7yr Award
  • 2017 Talk Plaque
  • 2015 Talk Plaque
  • 2015 Winner Logo
  • 2014 Talk Plaque
  • 2014 Talk Emblem
  • 2013 Talk Plaque
  • 2013 Talk Emblem
  • 2012 Talk Plaque


Why We’re the Right Crew for Your Family

  • Highly Experienced Dental Commanders & Crew
  • Cutting Edge Equipment to Stay Ship Shape
  • Rewards & Promotions Are Earned When Completing Dental Missions
  • Services Available in English, Korean & Spanish


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