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Kids Dentistry

Anaheim Pediatric Dentistry

Equipped with Advanced Dental Technology

Starship M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, we provide kids’ dentistry in Anaheim for children and teens. We
offer complete dental care, including
preventative care, restorative treatments, and
orthodontic care to provide everything needed to restore and maintain your child’s
oral health in one location. Whether this is your little one’s first
checkup or time for braces for your older child, we can help.

Please contact our office today
online or at (714) 970-4560 for all your Anaheim pediatric dentistry needs. We can help your child launch into a life of optimal dental health.

Quality Dental Services for Your Child

We offer kids’ dentistry in Anaheim from a highly trained, qualified,
and caring staff. Our office is equipped to provide a wide range of dental
treatments to keep your teeth healthy, prevent oral health problems, and
diagnose and treat many common dental conditions. We’re able to
provide most treatments and procedures right in our office.

Our in-depth services in kids’ dentistry include:

When a filling, crown, or another treatment is needed, kids can become
nervous and unsure about what to expect. We take the time to explain the
treatment that your child needs and answer any questions you may have
about the procedure. Our staff works hard to create a fun and engaging
environment to make procedures a little less scary for kids. Every procedure
ends with our young patients feeling successful in having completed their mission.

Prevention is Key for Lifelong Oral Health

While we are equipped to solve many dental health problems, our primary
focus is on prevention. The best way to maintain oral health is to prevent
tooth decay, cavities, and other dental health problems. This can be accomplished
through good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. We take the time
to educate parents and kids about how they can keep teeth and gums healthy for life.

For most patients, dental visits are recommended every six months, but
may be needed more frequently for kids who are prone to tooth decay or
have another issue that needs close monitoring. During these visits, we
provide a thorough cleaning and examination of your teeth to find any
problems. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants may be recommended to
protect the teeth from decay.

Creating a Pleasant Experience

Our dentists and highly trained staff focus on providing quality kids’
dentistry in Anaheim and a pleasant experience for each child. Our modern
dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and we continually
implement the newest technologies to deliver the highest quality care
for each patient. We provide continued training for our staff to ensure
that our skills are sharp and up-to-date.

From the moment your child steps aboard Starship M, we create a fun, engaging,
and enjoyable experience to make getting dental treatment more enjoyable.
We strive to deliver personalized care to every child. For anxious kids,
those with special needs, and those in need of multiple treatments, we
offer sedation options.

Please contact us at (714) 970-4560 for more information about Anaheim pediatric dentistry and to set up an appointment for your child.

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