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Sedation in Anaheim

Helping Your Child Stay Calm During Our Mission

Sedation is the use of medication to help patients remain calm during dental
procedures. Sedation dentistry is used for adults and children and may
be recommended for a number of reasons and situations. At
StarshipM Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, we offer sedation in Anaheim to help manage anxiety during dental procedures.

If you have questions about sedation, please contact our office today at
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Is Sedation Necessary for Children’s Dental Treatment?

Going to the dentist can be a stressful and intimidating experience for
children. Here at Starship M, your child’s comfort is very important
to us. Therefore, we have various sedation options depending on your child’s
anxiety level and treatment being performed. In combination with numbing
with sedation, it is our goal to have your child comfortable during their
dental procedure.

Sedation may be indicated for a child with:

  • Anxiety
  • A strong gag reflex
  • Special needs
  • A need for multiple treatments at once

At Starship M Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, we use a conservative
approach to sedation. We offer sedation in Anaheim only when appropriate
for the child and the procedure. Our dentist will recommend injections
or sedations for our patients only when necessary.

Types of Sedation

There are various types of sedation used for dental procedures. Options
range from medications that are taken at home before coming to our office
to sedation that is administered in the office, just before the procedure.
The best type of sedation depends on the amount of work that is required,
the level of anxiety, and any special needs.

We offer sedation options that include:

  • Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) is the most frequently used method to relax anxious children. Your child
    will be given a comfortable nose mask to wear during treatment. Nitrous
    oxide and oxygen are administered through the mask, causing him or her
    to feel giddy and relaxed. When the procedure is complete, the mask will
    be removed. The gas is very mild and wears off very quickly, making it
    safe for your child to breathe.

Before your child’s appointment, please inform us if your child has
been sick recently because breathing through his/her nose is crucial for
nitrous oxide administration. Also, avoid giving your child solid food
or dairy for at least two hours before the appointment.

  • Intravenous sedation (IV sedation) will allow your child to sleep through their entire dental treatment.
    Medication is delivered through a needle that is inserted into your child’s
    vein, usually in the arm/hand. The anesthesiologist will monitor your
    child’s vitals closely throughout the entire procedure. Even though
    this can be emotional and stressful, benefits are that dental decay/pain
    can be addressed, and your child will have a positive experience.

Precise instructions, such as NPO guidelines, will be given before the

For certain types of sedation, such as deep sedation, some home preparation
may be required. For example, there are rules about eating and drinking
prior to receiving IV sedation. We will give you any instructions that
may be required for your child when receiving sedation in Anaheim.

The Best Option for Your Child

We offer high quality personalized
dental care for our youngest patients. When making decisions regarding the use of
medication, it is important to note that sedation does not control pain.
In addition to sedation medicine, injections may be used to help minimize
pain during and after a procedure, depending on the treatment that is
required and the individual needs of the child.

When your child requires dental care and may benefit from sedation, we
can discuss the benefits of sedation to determine if this is the best
method for your child’s treatment. If we determine that sedation
is needed, we can discuss the options, answer your questions, and provide
the information you need to make the best decision for your child.

Your child deserves the most astro-ordinary dental services. Please contact
our office today at
(714) 970-4560 to schedule an appointment.

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